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Sponsored UW NetID tools have been improved to be more secure, flexible, and scalable.

The Sponsored UW NetID Tool

This tool allows UW faculty and staff to sponsor UW NetIDs for individuals who are not otherwise eligible to receive one. It provides the option of a more secure Sponsored UW NetID with identity verification, and (if that process is not possible to do) the option of a Sponsored UW NetID where the identity verification step is deferred. It also increases the number of self-service password reset options individuals have.

Available at: https://uwnetid.washington.edu/sponsor

The Assign UW NetID Computing Services Tool

This tool allows UW faculty and staff to assign computing services (such as email, Web publishing, dial-in, and computer lab access) to individuals who are not otherwise eligible, for a monthly fee. It also allows faculty and staff who are assigned services to manage and remove access to these services in a self-service way.

Available at: https://uwnetid.washington.edu/assign


Questions about these two new tools should be directed to help@uw.edu.