Software Installation Policy

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Requesting Software Installation

Please contact Classroom Technology & Events Service Desk for software installations requests. A ticket will be created for your service request. Upon submission of the ticket, all requestors must be prepared to provide media, proof of ownership, and licenses to Classroom Technology & Events.

Installing and testing new software for a virtualized environment is a time-consuming and complex task. If you need software installed before the start of a specific quarter, please adhere to these deadlines for requesting your software installation:

  • Autumn Quarter - Request must be made by the first week in September
  • Winter Quarter – Request must be made by the second week in December
  • Spring Quarter – Request must be made by the first week in March
  • Summer Quarter – Request must be made by the first week in June

If you are requesting that software be installed any other time, please submit your request at least four weeks in advance. Please understand that Classroom Technology & Events may contact the requestor prior to the implementation date for testing purposes. Testing should be performed by multiple simultaneous users in the computer classroom, using all features of the installed program. Any problems must be thoroughly documented and should include error messages, crash reports, screenshots and log files. Problem documentation must be presented to CTE at least one week prior to the implementations date. CTE will attempt to resolve items listed in the problem documentation on a best efforts basis.

All software installation requests are provided on a "best efforts" basis. Classroom Technology & Events reserves the right to refuse installation of software that causes system instability in the computer classrooms, or requires excessive time to package for virtualization.

Software Licensing Requirements for Technology Learning Spaces

Classroom Technology & Events will not install software without appropriate licensing, and the acquisition of such licensing is the responsibility of the requesting party. Therefore, please make certain that you obtain and provide a sufficient number of valid lab licenses prior to making a request to have software installed in technology learning spaces and computer classrooms. Software installed in CTE technology learning spaces must have enough licenses to cover every computer in the room.

Please understand that a software evaluation version will not be accepted. Shareware is not acceptable unless proof of ownership is provided or you have written approval from the software owner for such purpose. Freeware will be reviewed per request as dictated by the freeware license agreement.

Testing the Software

Once the software request has been approved, the licensing and proof of ownership has been provided, and the software has been installed, CTE may contact the requesting party to perform software testing in the designated computer classroom. Software installation is usually complete within three weeks, sometimes longer. Software may not be streamed to computer classrooms via the master image until the party requesting installation has tested and certified the installation in a CTE test environment. Once the new computer image has been approved, CTE will update the master image and begin streaming it to the computer classroom(s) within one week.