Rack Mountable Automated Video Capture System

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The on-board sound card's Line/Microphone input is connected to the PA system at a line level. A standard computer power cable is used, and must be connected to an unswitched 110 VAC (US) power source. The RJ45 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port is connected via CAT5 network cable to booth ethernet port. The video is connected via the composite (shown) or S-Video ports.

The framegrabber is connected to a HD15 computer output from the system. The video is taken from the output of a fixed camera (or from the RGB scan converter if no framegrabber is used). This device should not be disconnected by anyone other than LTI for servicing.

How it Works

This device is a LTI-built Mini-ITX Form Factor computer housed in a Morex 7677 1U Rackmount Chassis and runs the Debian operating system. Equipped with a video capture card and VideoLAN Server, this system functions as the video analog to a Barix Instreamer by providing reliable distribution of audio and video over a standard IP network. The Automated Video Capture System converts video input from a scan converter or other source, as well as audio input from the PA system into a digital video stream which can be saved to disc or transmitted to a streaming server in MPEG-4 or a variety of other formats. Recording is scheduled in advance; all recording operations, encoding and web posting are scripted events.


Video Server A

JHN 102 (The unit connects to an Audio Out on the front of the rack, and to the S-Video output on the Scan Converter).

Video Server B

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