Imaging PC laptops

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Upon return to CSS, faculty and STF laptops are returned to the default, most current image.

The following procedure applies to all Dell laptops. To image multiple laptops of the same model, follow steps 1-4 for each individual laptop.

Begin with the laptop

1. Start with laptop off.

2. Open the CD tray and insert the imaging CD

  Note: use the same CD for D600s, D610s, or D620s, but there is a different CD for E6400s.

3. Plug in Ethernet cable and make sure power supply for the switch is on. Boot the laptop.

4. Allow software a moment to load. When a screen with an info box appears, click OK.

On the server machine (desktop)

5. Open Ghostcast Server.

6. In the session name window, type "a".

7. Click Browse and find the correct laptop (D600, D610, or D620). From there, choose the highest-numbered image.

8. Click Open.

Return to the laptop

9. A menu box will appear near the bottom left corner. Choose Ghostcast > Multicast.

10. A window will open. In the first field, type "a". Click OK.

11. A new window will open. Choose drive 1 and click OK.

12. A new window will open. Choose the 2nd option and click OK.

13. A caution will open saying "Proceed with desk load? Destination drive will be permanently overwritten." Click YES.

14. Click Send on the server machine (desktop).

15. Once the "Clone operation finished" window pops up, eject the CD and click Reset Computer.

16. Wait for Windows to load to the desktop. If there are any unusual programs on the desktop, or Windows does not load properly, it will need to be re-imaged again.

17. You can now shut down the laptop.