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Classrooom Computer users may install ImageViewer software. Flash player is required and is installed on all classroom computers. Firefox is recommended by the Art Department as the preferred browser. IE Explorer is the installed browser. Firefox will be considered for future installation on the master classroom computer image when it can support remote updates and configuration. It does not support these important management features, currently.

Option 1 - Classroom Computer

The ImageViewer software is installed on the Classrooms domain server in the \Data\soaMDID_Image_Viewer_2\ directory. ImageViewer can be run directly from that location.

Option 2 - Install Localy

How to get

  1. Go to

Logon credentials are required. Art School instructors have these credentials, or can obtain them from Jeanette Mills.

How to install

  1. Go to downloads under the resources menu at the left to get ImageViewer. This will download a zipped folder that needs to be extracted.
  2. Create a new folder in My Documents named ImageViewer.
  3. Extract the files to the ImageViewer that you created.
  4. Double-click on imageviewer.exe to run the program.


How to use

  1. Double-click imageviewer.exe to run the program. ImageViewer will prompt you for logon credentials. Use the same account login that you used for the ImageViewer file download above.
  2. Click show archived slideshows and then choose a slideshow that you have created.

  • To learn more about MDID, visit the MDID wiki.