Frequently Asked Questions about On-Demand Audio Service

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Why is there about a minute of dead time on each recording at the beginning and at the end?

Course recordings are scheduled in advanced based on the class start and end times. A buffer of up to a minute is added to these times to help prevent lectures from getting cutoff.

Why was the end of a recent lecture cut off?

This normally occurs when the lecture goes beyond the scheduled recording end time, either because the class ran late or because our scheduled end time is no longer accurate.

If the audio stops, but the recording continues to play silence for the duration of the recording, a PA system error occurred, such as the wireless microphone battery died.

Why was there a fifty-minute recording with no sound, or very low sound?

This usually indicates that class was not held or that class was held but the PA system was not used.

Why does the professor’s voice get louder and then softer throughout the recording?

If the professor is using the podium microphone, this occurs when they move away from the podium.

Can I listen to the on-demand audio recordings without subscribing to the RSS feed?

Yes. You can listen to the recordings directly from the Classroom Portal,

What is the advantage to subscribing to the RSS feed?

Subscribing the to the RSS feed automatically downloads the files/lectures and automatically inserts them into your desktop music player, whether it is iPodder or Apple iTunes. Once the audio file has been added to your music library, the next time you dock and sync your portable MP3 player the files can be automatically moved over and ready for you to listen to.

Where can I find instructions on how to subscribe to the RSS feed?

Please see: How to set up iTunes to receive Podcast Subscriptions

Can I save the recordings to my computer if I have not subscribed to the RSS feed?

Yes. You can download the recordings directly from the Classroom Portal, Right-click on the link for a recording and click "Save As."

Can I move the on-demand audio recordings from ITunes to other portable media players or can I only use an iPod?

The podcast recordings are in MP3 format and are usable on most portable audio devices. You can copy/move these files out of your iTunes library and into another program or onto another device.

Can I rewind/ or fast-forward within the recording or do I have to listen to the whole thing as it is?

Yes, the recordings are in a standard MP3 format. Most players have the ability to fast-forward, rewind, and pause playback. Please check your Media Player help file for information about playback control.

Do you have a Media Player for listening to the on-demand audio or do I have to use a third-party media player like QuickTime or Microsoft Media Player?

A special player is not required for playback. Any MP3 player, such as iTunes, QuickTime, Microsoft Media Player or WinAmp should be able to play the files.

Can I listen to the live lecture or do I have to wait until the recording has been posted to the web?

No. The audio recordings are not available to listen to live. The recordings will be automatically posted within minutes of the end of lecture.

Why is there a buzzing noise in the background?

This generally indicates a problem with the PA system in the room. Please let us know about the problem, see below.

Where do I report a problem with the on-demand audio recordings?

On the Classroom Portal page for your class, click "Report a problem with this web page" on the right hand side. You can also email us at or call us at 206-543-9900. Please be sure to tell us what course and the date[s] of the recording[s] you are having difficulties with.

What kind of technical support can I get?

Learning Technologies Integration (LTI) Technical support for on-demand audio services consists of verifying that the service is functioning and providing web-based subscription instructions for iTunes. We also provide general information, configuration and troubleshooting tips via web-based FAQs. We do not provide any additional end-user support.

Support for third party media players may be available in the products help file or through the software company's web page.

Where can I get technical support?

  • Help with media players and other system configuration questions may be answered by Computing and Communications Help Desk. Their e-mail address is
  • Internet Explorer 7 can also be used to subscribe to an RSS feed. Please see "Discover a feed" in that products help file.