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What is the RUUF form?

The RUUF form is only required if you are:

  1. An off-campus client (i.e. NOT making a reservation for a University of Washington school or department)
  2. OR Holding an event that is open to general public attendance
  3. OR Charging a fee of your audience to attend your event

This RUUF form requires that you obtain a sponsorship by a relevant University school, college, or department. Sponsorship of an event by an academic or administrative unit is not monetary. It implies that the unit is vouching for the event, and that professional judgment has been applied to the content of the program, the qualifications of the individuals conducting the event, and the manner of the presentation. It also implies that the event is consistent with the teaching, research, and/or public service mission of the University.

The RUUF form should be filled out at the online RUUF form page. It is important to know that, although your reservation is confirmed, no event can be held until the Use of University Facilities Committee has approved your request form. Also, event advertising is not allowed until your form has been approved, so we encourage you to act promptly in securing the necessary sponsor and signatures. Please call us if you would like suggestions for whom to contact regarding sponsoring your event.

When is my signed Confirmation Letter due?

The Confirmation Letter is normally due two weeks after the date it was emailed to you. If your event is short notice (within one month), the Confirmation Letter is due the day after it is sent.

In What forms are Confirmation Letters accepted?

At this time, we are only able to accept the original signed confirmation letter. We can accept faxed and PDF version as place-holders to avoid missing deadlines, but our records must contain the original signed copy.