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All of the Classroom Technology & Events podium-installed classroom computers, as well as the student and instructor computers in the MGH Computing Classrooms (030, 044, 058), are served by the CLASSROOMS domain. For permitted NETID users to access to these computers, we have established an external, outgoing, non-transitive trust with the NETID.WASHINGTON.EDU domain. This trust has been in place since 2007, when we migrated away from the Kerberos-based, realm trust with the U.WASHINGTON.EDU domain. This change moved user account management into the centrally managed NETID domain and is when we stopped using (USER_NETID)@U.WASHINGTON.EDU to login.

Following are a few of the most common login error message one can encounter, along with the most likely causes and steps to take:

No login servers available

"There are no login servers available."

A network connection issue is almost always the fault. The most likely causes are

  • Disconnected network cables,
  • Unplugged podium network switch,
  • Campus network failure or unannounced network subnet changes.

If all cables are connected and laptops can get wired network access, the problem needs to be escalated to LTI. We need to know the date, time, and location, as well as the DHCP assigned IP address the laptop or network tester received.

Authentication firewall. Not allowed to authenticate

"Logon failure: The machine you are logging onto is protected by an authentication firewall.  The specified account is not allowed to authenticate to the machine."

There are two causes of this error.

1. The user attempting access does not have rights to login to the computer.

Classroom computers access is restricted to UW employees, faculty and staff. This is done through centrally managed NETID domain groups. The MGH Computer Classrooms machines allow access to UW employees, faculty, staff and also students.

Occasionally, users are not listed in the groups they should be. Their listing can normally be confirmed by LTI, however the issue can only be resolved by UW Technology.

2. No users can login.

If all users receive this message, it normally indicates a step was missed when the computer was initially entered into Active Directory. This issue requires escalation to LTI.

Trust relationship failed

"The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed."

This error is unique to the computers in the MGH Computing Classrooms, which use the Citrix provisioning system. The error indicates that the machine account password expired and has not been able to renew. The latest Citrix hot fix appears to have resolved the issue, but this still requires escalation to LTI.