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Computer Accounts

Classroom computers managed by Classroom Technology & Events (CTE) require logon credentials. UW employees engaged in state-sponsored, credit-generating activities may use their UWNetID and passphrase to gain access to the classroom computers. Computer use charges may apply to UW employees and others who use classroom computers for purposes other than state-sponsored, credit-generating activities.

Users engaged in state-sponsored, credit-generating activities who have valid UW NetIDs but are not listed as UW employees need to request special classroom computer accounts. The user's UW NetID will be "mapped" to a special account that will allow them to logon to classroom computers. Special logon instructions will be provided. The following online form must be filled out for this special type of account:

Users who do not have a UW NetID may be issued temporary computer accounts.

Account Duration

  • Faculty and TA accounts will continue to work as long as the user has a valid UWNetID and is listed as an employee.
  • Special non-employee accounts remain active for a specified duration which will be provided to the user when the account is created.
  • Temporary accounts remain active up to two weeks.

Visiting Scholars

Official UW Visiting Scholars who are on the UW payroll system may create a UW NetID just as UW staff and faculty do. This will work only if the Visiting Scholar has been added to the UW personnel/payroll database (HEPPS). If the Visiting Scholar will not be on the UW personnel/payroll database, then their department will need to sponsor an account for them. Information on sponsored accounts can be found at:

Please contact Computing & Communications Information at 206-543-5970 for further information on sponsored accounts.

Temporary UW NetIDs

CTE can issue limited-duration accounts to event users, instructors who were not aware that they needed classroom computer accounts, or others engaged in state-sponsored credit generating activity who need immediate access to a classroom computer. Staff, faculty, or event clients may receive temporary accounts, but students may not (unless they are a paying client). A temporary, limited-duration account gives them access to the UW's wireless and wired networks, and CTE managed classroom computers. Authorized CTE employees can assign a "temporary UW NetID" for a limited duration (one day to two weeks) to a visiting professor, or a person taking a UW seminar. Please be sure to provide temporary account users a link to the computer use policy. This can be done by using the RT Article Template "Account Request:Standard Response" when resolving the customer's ticket.

The temporary UW NetIDs are accessed at: or the alias:

Name, telephone number and a valid e-mail address for the person who will be using the Temp UW NetID are required. Duration should be set to the minimum in most cases (1-day). The URL for the Account Request Form should be provided to instructors who were unaware of the need for an account to access classroom computers.

Temporary UWnetIDs will expire on the date you select, and the next hour in which you make the ID (rounded to the nearest 15 minutes). Therefore, if you make the ID at 10:27am and set it to expire on March 23rd, it will expire on March 23rd at 11:30am. In this example, set the ID to expire on March 24th to avoid any problems.

Any computer account should be treated as if you were issuing a key. A computer account is a key to a secured university resource. The requester’s name, telephone number, e-mail address and Temporary UW NetID issued should be entered on the requesting ticket. If the temp account request is not issued pursuant to an existing ticket, please create a ticket. The subject line should be "Temp Account Request."

Please remember, the sharing of UW NetIDs are prohibited. You cannot logon for any other user. This is outlined in detail in CSS Computing Policies.

Temporary Account Access Control

For system administrators, only:


To add a user capable of creating temporary accounts:

  1. First, click on "C&C groups" on the left hand side of the page
  2. Then click on "Adhoc.TempID.css"
  3. Finally under "Members" type the UW NetID and hit Add

note: There will be up to a 4 hr delay before the UW NetID is actually authorized.

 UW-IT Contact:
 Jonathan Pass

Temporary IDs passwords can be changed by logging in with the temporary UW NetID login and then following the instructions found at: