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The Basics

Classroom Technology & Events has audience response systems by Turning Technologies available for use in classes and events. The receivers and response cards in our equipment pool are available to be checked out for short-term loan or rental (no more than two weeks). Our clickers are organized into 8 bags of 25 clickers for a total of 200. Reservations are rounded up to the nearest multiple of 25. Each receiver has a range of 250' and can accept responses from 1000 clickers. Faculty and departments who decide to integrate the use of audience response systems into their ongoing curriculum have students purchase a personal "clicker" at the bookstore. An instructor's kit is available from CTE to each instructor at no cost. The kit includes a receiver, a clicker and quick start instruction cards.

Participant List

To record and save data that can be traced back to individual students requires that a participant list be established ahead of time. The names of audience members must be listed in a spreadsheet along with the ID number of the clicker device that they hold. This requires some work in advance and other organizational considerations to accomplish using our checked-out system, but we have seen it done. You will need to create a list of audience names that is associated with specific clicker numbers and then be sure to hand out specific clickers to each of them. A list of clicker numbers can be provided prior to the actual checkout date.


The system gets regular use but there are usually days during any given week when it is available. The Turning Point system is wireless and very easy to set up using a laptop computer with the PowerPoint plug-in installed on it. You can visit the turningtechnologies site for more information.

Software Options

UW has a site-license agreement with Turning Technologies for the Turning Point audience response system. There are two software options available, TurningPoint and TurningPoint AnyWhere. TurningPoint is a Powerpoint based program and available to people using a PC. TurningPoint AnyWhere is a free floating program available to people using Macs or PCs. Both programs offer the ability to set up a participation list and prepare questions ahead of time. TurningPoint AnyWhere allows you to have any program, document, website, video, etc. on your desktop as you ask the interactive questions.

The software can be downloaded at no charge by anyone via the turning technologies web site:

Hardware Requirements

A USB Receiver/dongle is required that plugs into the computer you are using. Each member of the audience needs to have a clicker device for sending responses. The system is wireless and can be used anywhere. Classroom Technology & Events has a system that can be checked out for single-use (or occasional) sessions involving up to 200 participants.

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