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Thursday December 20, 2007

University of Washington Automated Digital Recordings

The CTE Coursecasting Service is being retired at the end of Summer Quarter. Panopto is replacing CTE's automated lecture capture service. Panopto is a cloud-based, lecture capture recording service that allows for easy recording and reviewing of courses, lectures and presentations. Panopto is designed to make the lecture capture process easy. Recordings made using Panopto scheduled recorders are can be viewed on most browsers and mobile devices. This new service offering will be available for automated, scheduled recording in select Seattle Campus auditoriums and classrooms at the beginning of fall quarter 2014. You will request the service using the same web form that you have used in the past.

To help you get started with this new product, UW-IT is offering Panopto workshops. The workshop schedule can be found here:

Panopto was selected after careful deliberation with campus partners, evaluations by faculty and students on all three campuses and a successful pilot study. Results from the assessment of the pilot showed that Panopto meets the diverse needs of the UW community, and offers many benefits.

Please visit UW-IT's Panopto Help Center web page for more information:

The following rooms are equipped with automated lecture capture systems:

  • ARC 147
  • BAG 131, BAG 154
  • GUG 220
  • GWN 301
  • HCK 132
  • JHN 075, JHN 102
  • KNE 110, KNE 120, KNE 130, KNE 210, KNE 220
  • MGH 241, MGH 389
  • PAA 118
  • PCAR 192, PCAR 290, PCAR 291, PCAR 391, PCAR 395
  • DEM 002, DEM 004, DEM 012, DEM 024, DEM 102, DEM 104, DEM 112
  • SAV 260 (Screen capture and audio only)
  • SIG 134
  • SMI 120

Instructors can request the scheduled lecture capture service offering for the above rooms by filling out the Lecture Capture Request Form.
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